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In a sea of ​​fantastic wine-growing hills, between Langhe & Monferrato, in the heart of the UNESCO heritage area, is located the Bussi Piero's Winery.

12 hectares of vineyards - Winemakers from 4 generations

After WW1, Agostino Bussi abandons the custom of selling grapes to retailers and started making a small quantity of wine from the 1.5 hectares of land of Barbera & Nebbiolo grapes. In the 60st he hectares rised to 4 and his son Germano decided to vinify Moscato d'Asti which, being sparkling and sweet, was a very difficult wine to make for that time. But the results didn't wait to come and with his son Piero - the current owner with the Federico, 4th generation - the hectares rise to 12, never forgetting the focus on quality and naturalness of their products, in the vineyard first and then in cellar.



Driven by his passion for history and the desire to discover his origins, in 2000 Piero Bussi published the historical book "Gente di Calosso".

"To tell you the truth, when I went to school, I was not very good in any subject, but history fascinated me, especially that of ordinary people, for example, if I found an ancient coin in a vineyard, I was not interested in its value, almost always insignificant, but I liked, through the era in which it was coined, to imagine who had lost it, the anger and then the resignation experienced in having lost it.
I had always been fascinated by the stories of the old people of my village, especially those handed down by my grandfather and my grandmother. The years have passed and the passion has grown to make me want to deepen the roots of my roots. "


The wine shop is open every day 7/7 

Reservation is recommended

8:00- 12:30

14:00 - 19:00

Tastings only by Reservation

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+39 3467705510


Bussi Piero - Via Castagna 6/B - 14052 Calosso (AT) - P IVA 01165260058 - R.E.A.  AT84899​​